Devoted French Companion


It begins very simply in Bordeaux, a charming town of south of France famous for it's vast and fruitful vineyards. I was born in a quaint and equally charming village. Social Science drew my attention for university, and once I graduated I decided that it was time I traveled and satiated my need to see our endless beautiful world.


In the past several years I have visited 4 continents and more than 20 countries. I have enjoyed extended stays in the places I've found most intriguing, more recently calling Switzerland and Singapore home. At the young age of 25, I am blessed with having explored and am now happily settling in New York City. 


I have a dominating, firm stature standing at 6'2". My Mediterranean features are dark and I have a warm olive complexion with bright and inquisitive brown eyes. I take great pride in my appearance and despite not having the typical bodybuilder physique, I faithfully spend several hours each day in the gym working on my strength and endurance. Whether it be training on weightlifting or rock climbing, the gym is a passion of mine that I find truly calming and fulfilling.


My interests are broad and on any given day you could find me reading French literature or studying up on neuroscience. I appreciate the great outdoors and am thrilled at the opportunity to frequently hike, mountain bike, and swim. My most loved hobby is that of motorcycles. I currently own two am anxious to add to my collection.