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This time is all about you and you only. In order to accomplish that, safety and discretion is paramount. Please include in your first email a quick presentation of yourself, date and time that you would like us to meet, the length of our rendez-vous and any other particular demands or question that you could have. I thrive to be an open-minded person without judgment on any of your request or even physical attributes.


Also, please understand that I'm not able to fulfill all demands about rendez-vous due to personal calendar.
That is why I strongly encourage inquiries to be booked twenty-four hours or more in advance.

Be respectful when trying to contact me and do not ask for inappropriate content such as personal photos/selfies or dirty talk. Vulgar, one-liners, or the dreaded "U Available Now?" messages will be automatically deleted and not answered. Messages that fail to provide me with required information will also be ignored. I value kindness and well written, friendly emails will immediately jump to the front of the line.

Discret screening and deposit might apply to first time client.



Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If such a bad thing were to happen to us, below is the protocol.

24 hours - No worries! I absolutely understand things pop up and am very forgiving.

Below 24 hours  - Slap on the wrist in the form of a 50% fee of our scheduled time.

No shows/no calls or multiple back-to-back cancellations - Blacklisted. No exceptions.

Please remember that while we are meeting in a very friendly manner, this is still my business and I intend to treat it as such.

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