Devoted French Companion

About You


I truly enjoy the company of refined, â€‹man and women. Though I have learned so much from my worldly travels, my most important lessons learned were from that of characters met through the intimate companionship this service provides the both of us.


That being said, I aim to please the true sapiosexual. What you will find with me is a warm, gentle, and most genuine confidant. Someone who deeply desires and takes pleasure in providing comfort and intimate affection with an effortless air of familiarity. 


In a world that can so often feel lonely and lacking connection, I look forward to no longer being strangers. Before our exciting journey begins, I need to know a bit about you. What exactly draws you to this? What is it that you crave? Please don't be shy, I know taking the first step can seem daunting and leave you feeling exposed.
You may start with sharing something as simple as what I could find in your library, what you enjoy during your leisure time, or what you most look forward to during our first rendez-vous.

Until then...